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Username Elo Rank
MarcosRecio 7311 World Class
zok 6008 World Class
hayes 5308 World Class
milfa_horvat 5146 World Class
Vizaur 4624 World Class
putyi 4200 World Class
BondboyFandashe 4000 World Class
chiamarc 3882 World Class
wfummx 3488 World Class
ComradV 3366 World Class

Elo Scales  

Rating Rank
2500 World Class
2400-2500 Grandmaster
2300-2400 International Master
2200-2300 Master
2100-2200 National Master
2000-2100 Master Candidate
1900-2000 Authority
1800-1900 Professional
1700-1800 Expert
1600-1700 Experienced Intermediate
1500-1600 Intermediate
1400-1500 Experienced Learner
1300-1400 Learner
1200-1300 Scholar
1100-1200 Autodidact
1000-1100 Beginner
0-1000 Basic Knowledge